I’m still writing


11th May 2021

Storywothy thing of the day.

Alhamdulillah there’s an extra day of fasting, Allahu akbar!

With all that’s happening I pray that Allah grants victory to the Palestinian people and frees them soon. Ameen.

Spoke with Safiya PhD, good convo alhamdulillah .

What I’ve been reading-

1- Eat that frog (finished 2 days ago, read it over a couple of weeks during Ramadan, few pages here and there).

2- High Performance habits- on the 3rd chapter I think it’s called Influence

3- I read Show up

I’m sleepy so this is incomplete

19 day challenge Day 4

Bismillah it’s 21:39 and I’ve missed 2 days in a row of not writing for 5 mins at the end of the day.

We still move. So a story worthy thing for today is watching an arabic IG story by fus7a_online (Inas). It gave me a strong nudge and motivation towards improving my fus7a and introducing the children to it.

My friend K also got back to me about speaking with the children weekly inshaAllah. I’m yet to get back to her.

I didn’t send client notes, nor dis I revise he 2 surahs for the day. I did recite and add a few ayat of Suratul Qalam (my current hifdh surah). Alhamdulillah. Bi iznillah I’ll still do the 2 suwar before I sleep.

I registered for the Ta3leem alQuran with alhuda institute after praying istikhara. Allah is abundant and I am calm and assured He’ll take care of everything. I really want a laptop and feel I need it especially with my growing coaching business and the Huda Institute program. Ya Razzaq Ya fattah, make a way my Lord.

I’m listening on Scribd – The Million dollar secret in your mind. Picked up When we were orphans to read.

5 mins is up and off I go to read the surahs.

Bismillah. Ma-assalamah


Still writing. Let’s say day 21


Just joined Aisha Ahmed’s challenge of doing something daily for the next 19 days inshaAllah. I chose to write for 5 mins before going to bed.

Using Ali Abdaal ‘s tip of what’s a story worthy thing in my day?

I just saw the Diploma program for learning the tafseer of the Quran in 8 years! With Taymiiya Zubair. There’s an option for monthly payment of about $30 . I got really excited about it. I still am to be honest and would live to join. It’s every Saturday, 5 hrs from 3pm to 8pm in my timezone. I’ve to confess that I got scared at the same time during to the length of the program 8 years. Though I look at it as a huge opportunity to memorize the quran in the process!

Have wanted to learn tafseer for a long time and in my mind I feel this is an opportunity of a lifetime that Allah had allowed me to see. I do not have the money now nor do I know how or from where I’ll get it, however, I feel confident in my heart that Allah will being a way and bi iznillah I can.

I want to and will pray istikhara tomorrow inshaAllah about it. I feel like it’s such a journey and although 8 years seems like a long time, it’ll come and go inshaAllah.

Bismillah. Ya Rabb guide me and provide me a way to join in and make it a benefit for me, my family and the Ummah at large. Ameen


Day 21

Did day 10 of the 30dayfutureself project. It was about reframing past experiences and looking at them.as things that happened for us not to us. The idea is to reflect on how this is a benefit for me. What lessons can I learn from this.

Joined clubhouse on m’s iPhone. The convo at tea dua love today was goal setting – starting anew. It was really interesting and I got a few points down from the sisters. InshaAllah will share some of the points tomorrow.

It’s 23:35. Past time for bed.



Day 20

Read Surah Naziaat. Still on my revision of Juz Amma.

In the Dream Dua Do (Transform 2020), which I took during lockdown (I believe). Nana asked how far with our goals…

Looking at that to see how far I’ve done on it.

Watched a couple of YT videos: Tim Ferris about how writing gives you something to say. Concept of 2 crappy pages a day, something similar to morning pages. 2 videos of Ali Abdaal. One About the 20 things he’s learned in 2020. The ones I remember is the idea of recording/ writing a story worthy moment of your day. This is something I’d like to do myself. I believe it’ll help in reflecting about the happenings of the day.

Another video is of his top 15 books of the year, 10 non-fiction and 10 fiction. Haven’t finished watching that.

Daz all

Day 19

Continuing with this 100 in 100 challenge, alhamdulillah.

I’m on the 30dayfutureself project. On day 8. Have journaled about days 6 and 7. Wrote in my morning pages book.

I was making a decision today about joining or not joining umm R’s Sisters Achieve 365 for 2021. It’s a monthly fee of £20 pound and I had prayed istikhara to join it. PayPal didn’t go through when I tried to pay. I might not pay for it after all. I would like to focus on paying off my debt of Reboot 2020 and continue to pay for Intention membership.

I feel like this is the right choice for me at this time as I’m a bit stretched and have pending courses to work through.

What Ben Hardy shared for days 6 and 7 are keystone goal (which I’ve decided for me is to become an excellent coach who brings people closer to Allah and earn money through) and getting to the point of no return. Committing to this key stone goal, eliminating lesser goals, and having the results prove this commitment. It’s and interesting course and what he shares.

That’s all the reflections for today.


Day 18

Alhamdulillah for this day. For health and family, for my deen.

Err, watching Ali Abdaal’s short videos on IG. Very informative. Today was about the analogy of the pilot, plane and engineer. The pilot is the one who sets a plan, the plan executes the orders of the pilot and the engineer smooths out any wrinkles and improves the process. The idea is that we should focus on plane mode (85%) executing our plans. The pilot/ planning phase (10%) and the engineer phase 5%. Makes a lot of sense.

I’m in a place of taking action and executing though I can definitely do more.

I tend to not know how to end and have abrupt finishes.

Till tomorrow inshaAllah.


Day 17

It seems this has now become every 2 days.

I lost an aunt yesterday. May Allah have mercy on her and grant her jannah.

I also sent out my newsletter to my email subscribers with my coaching offer. I’m nervous and excited at the same time.

I’m looking to join Umm Raiyaan’s SA365 for 2021. I’ve prayed istikhara and I intend for it to be a means for me to be an even more excellent coach.

Bismillah tawakkaltu ala Allah 🤲🤲🤲

Day 16

Is this turning into some sort of online diary? It seems… and we move.

Missed yesterday and that is because I said I wanted to do the things I said I would do before coming on to post but didn’t.

Alhamdulillah I’ve sent my offer to my potential clients and will be sending more to those on my subscriber list. Ya Rabb make it useful and beneficial for those who’ve signed up and bless me in my rizq. Ameen

Day 15


I keep missing like a day or so. And still going to continue with it inshaAllah.

I am procrastinating seriously and haven’t made anything in terms of a flyer or canvassing image for my coaching (not that that is absolutely necessary).

Why am I procrastinating? I guess coz I haven’t clearly defined how many ladies I’d like to take to start with, and also when I’d like start the coaching sessions.

Am reminding myself that I can pick a date and if it had to be moved then I’ll explain to the ladies inshaAllah. I’d also like to go back to the Module 0 questions I had answered about the intention behind my business.

I will inshaAllah today complete the Module 1 Qs and have my post up on IG about my upcoming coaching offer. Bismillah tawakkaltu ala Allah wala hawla wala quwwata illa billah.

I am enjoying Dr. Benjamin Hardy’s videos on YT. I watched one about the steps to becoming a millionaire. It’s not about the amount but who you will become to attain that, and that really resonates with me.

For now, I’m recommitting to continuing and completing the #30dayfutureself project (a free resource by Ben Hardy). Will write an intention and proceed inshaAllah.

I’m still reading Malcom X, have taken a few days break from it.